MARCH 2019

No need to answer the individual questions! I rate everything as a 5. The boat was brand new so everything was in perfect shape. The crew was outstanding. They were knowledgeable, fun and all around great people. The food was wonderful. All the meals were great and the appetizers ( killer ceviche) were top notch. The crew planned a great tour of the BVI. We had fun places to stop and hike, great diving for Maggie, and wonderful spots for the rest of us to snorkel and play. 

Overall the Tellstar experience exceeded expectations. 

APRIL 2019

If you are looking for someone to trust your dream vacation to, look no further than Captain Jack and Jaimey! Tellstar is an incredible vessel. Jack is a terrific captain and entertainer and Jaimey’s meals are out of this world. What an incredible week of hiking, snorkeling, exploring, sailing and terrific history lessons along the way. Great memories that will last a lifetime! Thank you!

JULY 2019

Our vacation/gradutation experience on the Tellstar was FANTASTIC! Could not have been any better, seriously it was AWESOME! Captain Jack, Jaimey and Jake were very accommodating and made our trip memorable forever! The food was AWESOME! The crew dud up and beyond all expectations...well done!

JULY 2019

Lets start by mentioning this incredible vessel. Perfect design and excellent workmanship. Made everyone envious. Then the crew. They made the best, even better. Lively Captain Jack leads one of the best teams on the ocean. Attentive service, safe hands, a wonderfully authentic experience. Jaimey's highest quality and creative menu means we are leaving with a few extra pounds but it's well worth it, everything was outstanding and she's an amazing anchor girl too!Jake is the man! He should be up for the next James Bond. A true gentleman and always engaged in his mission to take care of us all, at all times. A wonderful experience on a badass yacht with our dearest and industry leaders Captain and crew. 






Just spent an amazing week with Jack and Jaimey. The most gracious hosts, amazing food, incredible knowledge of the BVI’s, and constant source of jokes and stories. Can’t recommend them enough...the answer is always YES!





Split Second was spotless, the flybridge upper deck was our favorite hangout.Jack and Jaimey are a phenomenal team. The itinerary was perfect and they made it fun.  As a former restaurant owner, with 35 years in the industry, I would have hired Jaimey in a heart beat but I know I could never match the view she has from her kitchen. She is talented, precise, and her food presentation is out of a magazine, while ALL being made from scratch, right down to the hamburger buns. The seasoning flavors and textures, are unbelievable, especially for a self trained chef, and she is also a dam good sailor. There are only 2 words; 5 star. Thanks for all your help arranging the charter, it was a wonderful vacation. If I can ever stop talking about it, I will most likely be booking again, and will certainly refer, Sailing Directions.


Jack W, sailing the Virgin Islands




Jack & Jaimey were excellent! They were delightful - looked after our every need and were a joy to be around. Jaimey offered hiking/running suggestions to our son/daughter and Jack amused us with his many tales.

Split Second was very comfortable, clean and the AC was good when required. Fave aspect was the fly bridge.

Food was excellent and always superbly presented. Jaimey satisfied all our needs and always had the hot sauce on the table - as some of us like spicy food! The food was so good, we asked for many of Jaimey’s recipes.

The itinerary was perfect for us and, even though the weather (north swell) wasn’t always kind, we managed to sail to bays we had never visited before.

Always happy with Sailing Directions’ service - can’t think of anything you can improve. This was our second charter on Split Second and our second visit to the BVIs - we fell in love with the crew and the islands.


Mary W, aboard Catamaran Split Second March 2018  sailing the Virgin Islands




We’ve been chartering for a number of years. Jaimey and Jack were the best! The answer is YES, no matter what the question. Great insight into what there is to do, what you should try, and what’s possible given the conditions. Jack’s sailing lessons (see their post from 2/13/18) encouraged us to learn and he let us lend a hand. Couldn’t have been more pleased with the week.





We just returned from a week of fun with Captain Jack & Jaimey. This was our 4th crewed chartered catamaran in the BVI and this crew was the best! Captain Jack’s knowledge of the area, putting us in the best spots for activities we requested, made all the difference. He arranged our tour according to the wind and no one experienced seasickness which we’ve all had previously. Jaimey’s culinary masterpieces were highlights! We got off the boat once for lunch, only to be nice, as we knew the food on the boat surpassed all on shore. They take care of the boat as if it’s their own and take care of their clients catering to all!


SPLIT SECOND LAGOON 620 - March 2018


The service and accommodations were absolutely exceptional. A 5 star experience! Captain Jack and Jaimey made us feel at home from the start and had us utterly spoiled, we wanted for nothing except a longer trip! Our crew was very knowledgeable about sailing and the BVI and showed us the best these beautiful islands have to offer at every turn. Kurt & I loved every minute of it and can't wait to do it again! Whose with us?



SPLIT SECOND Lagoon 620 – February 2018


Jack and Jaimey – Thank you both so much for all you did to make this incredible moving experience so special. I (Debi) will never be the same! I will go to this trip in my head and heart often and think of you both.

Well certainly be sharing our love of this vessel, trip and awesome crew. Loved the teamwork and how you make it all look so easy – we know and appreciate how hard you work and all you do! 100%

XO Debi and Ray (Birthday Deb) GO EAGLES!




5 Stars all the way. Captain Jack with his knowledge of the area, and story telling of each island was informative and fun. Jaimey who really runs the ship, was exceptional at everything especially her meals that everyone ate every morsel 3 plus times a day. We had some picky eaters on board and she managed to satisfy everyone. Thank you both for an amazing experience!



ECLIPSE LAGOON 620 March 2017


Unbelievable trip and experience of a lifetime with 5 star food! Jack & Jaimey are a warm, friendly and fun crew. The service was never forced but always present. We all connected with you in a very genuine way. So, it was only natural that you became part of our trip and daily fun. Thank you Jack, Jaimey and Mel for the best trip our family had the opportunity to experience.


The boat was incredible. Waking every day to a gorgeous port, taking a morning swim, a fabulous breakfast and planning our next adventure with Jack was a great way to start the day.


You truly customized the trip to our interests, desires and however we felt at the moment. You catered to our spontaneous desires - "swim call" and fit in perfectly with our nightly euchre games. You were also terrific with the kids who I know appreciated Jaimey's guided snorkle trips and Captain Jack's water sport time. Then, it was always great returning from an activity to one of Mel's fabulous afternoon snacks.


We had been to the BVI before and in many ways you made us feel like it was our first time! We will be back and can't imagine sailing with anyone other than your crew.


Cherie, Meg, Brant and Scott

January 2017

Holly and I have been excited about coming aboard the Eclipse for nearly a year now.  When our friends told us about Captain Jack and Jaimey and the catamaran experience we were ready to sign up.  As we got closer we were a bit concerned that the trip may not live up to expectations.  You know when you are excited for something for a long time and have those high expectations, many times the experience does not live up to it.  As soon as we took our dinghy ride to meet the Eclipse, we realized our concerns were way off base.  Not only were Captain Jack and Jaimey attentive and helpful but, most importantly, they made us feel like family and members of the Eclipse crew.  Waking each day to another fabulous meal followed by "story time" and our plan for the day ahead just made the experience that much more incredible.  Each day we sailed and explored somewhere new and just when you thought things couldn't be more fun and beautiful, the next day arrived. Each meal was expertly prepared and would have made any world renowned chef envious of their quality and presentation.  We actually dared to eat off the yacht one night to have some world famous spiny lobster at Anegada Island. While the lobster was fantastic, our entire group decided we were not going to cheat on Jaimey again as her meals were superior to even that lobster. Our only regret for the entire trip on the Eclipse was that it had to come to an end.  Eventually the real world came back to haunt us and as we headed home, we knew we would be back.  We were not just leaving a crew behind on the Eclipse, we felt we were leaving behind family.  Until next time, we wish you both happy sailing and we're looking forward to our next adventure.

February 2017

Feb 21st  – Feb 27th 2017

Wonderful trip, crew, food and the best of time! Great family memories were make this week. Cannot thank all of you enough – Beautiful time!


We all appreciated the attention, the food and the vessel. Mel, Jaimey and Jack made it all possible to relax and enjoy our awesome tip to the BVI’s. Great experience…we will be back!

Feb 11th – Feb 18th 2017

Once again you all have exceeded our expectations! We all had such an amazing time! We never wanted for anything – from the declicous meals to the many find and varied activities we were always happy! We appreciated all of your recommendations of great things to do, and your ability to find new experiences for us, since we are returning guests.

We would recommend you all to anyone visiting the BVI and we would neber want another crew for ourselves. We enjoyed having a crew of 3, so you were able to spend more time with us!

We are sad to leave – the week went too fast. We will miss you!



March 25th-April 1st 2017

Unbelievable trip and experience of a lifetime with 5 star food! Jack, Jaimey and Mel are a warm, friendly and fun crew.  The service was never forced but always present.  We all connected with you in a very genuine way.  So, it was only natural that you became part of our trip and daily fun. Thank you Jack, Jaimey and Mel for the best trip our family had the opportunity to experience. 


The boat was incredible.  Waking every day to a gorgeous port, taking a morning swim, a fabulous breakfast and planning our next adventure with Jack was a great way to start the day. 


You truly customized the trip to our interests, desires and however we felt at the moment. You catered to our spontaneous desires - "swim call" and fit in perfectly with our nightly euchre games. You were also terrific with the kids who I know appreciated Jaimey's guided snorkle trips and Captain Jack's water sport time.  Then, it was always great returning from an activity to one of Mel's fabulous afternoon snacks.  


We had been to the BVI before and in many ways you made us feel like it was our first time!  We will be back and can't imagine sailing with anyone other than your crew. 

Scott, Cherie, Meg and Brant


New Years 2016

Our family of four recently took a seven day New Year's British virgin islands cruise on the Blue Moon catamaran. It was a truly wonderful experience!

The Blue Moon has three guest suites, a spacious indoor salon with a widescreen television including a large selection of recent movies in addition to DirecTV, an aft dining area, a flybridge with large padded seats, and a very large area in the front of the boat with several seating spots including two trampolines, 2 large bean bags, and sunken benches. Plenty of cozy spaces to congregate, sneak off for solitude, or stargaze at night.

While the boat is very luxurious and well appointed, the real treat is the service provided by the crew. First the food: prior to our cruise we were asked about our food and beverage preferences, which we provided by email. Interesting and delicious appetizers, specialty drinks, and combinations of food that we had never experienced before.

We must also mention that the boat is incredibly clean and fresh.
The Captain would conduct a breakfast meeting every day showing us where we were on a map and outlining the myriad possibilities that lay before us for the day, then let us chose our own itinerary. We never really had to cruise more than an hour or two to get to our next destination. We could find an isolated beach, snorkel, float on the large inflatable, waterski, wakeboard, paddleboard, swim, sun, hike, enjoy happy hours or after dinner cocktails at a festive beach bar, or just do nothing and lounge about the boat.
We cannot more highly recommend an excursion on the Blue Moon. We greatly look forward to our next opportunity to sail with them.

Christmas 2015

We brought our seats to the full upright position as wisps of white cotton passed our window, seemingly suspended in the blue Caribbean sky. Those clouds and some sandy beaches would be our white Christmas this year. The final approach to St. Thomas came with great anticipation for what we expected to be a very special family holiday aboard Blue Moon. This yacht charter would be our sixth in the British Virgin Islands and would mark our return to catamarans after two monohull trips, as well as a return to St. Thomas for embarkation versus Tortola.

The tone of the trip was set early, our crew having arranged private transportation (an Escalade no less) instead of the usual multi-stop cattle call vans that dominate St. Thomas airport arrivals. We soon learned that this level of attention would typify our experience all week. The crew were waiting for us when our driver pulled up to the dock at Red Hook, and they escorted aboard the most beautiful yacht in the harbor.

Blue Moon has that look and feel - you know, the kind where you feel a sense of pride of being a part of something better than the rest of humanity must endure. Our catamaran boasted a length of 56 feet and an even more impressive width of over 31 feet, providing volume and spaciousness unsurpassed in our experience. What a delight it was to have so much space on each side of the beds rather than have to climb and crawl into the space. Of course before the week would end, our seeming arrogance would be humbled by some mighty expensive and large hardware that shows up in the BVI for the holidays. However, we would never trade Blue Moon for any other boat, and we were quite certain that no other vessel was as clean and well maintained as ours, not to mention the decorative touches that helped to complete our holiday. The boat was adorned with Christmas lights, wreaths, and other decorations, and the crew even had gifts for us on Christmas morning! A delicious and quite moist turkey dinner was so appropriate for our familys traditions, but it must be noted that all the food and service was over-the-top great all week long.

One of the many highlights of our trip was our vessels underwater blue lights, nightly attracting large gatherings of tarpon and other interesting creatures.
What are the holidays without football? Not to worry because Blue Moon features satellite TV and Wi-Fi.
We had requested a combination of quiet, secluded inlets and popular harbors, and we were not disappointed. It would be hard to do any better than our anchorage directly in front of the Soggy Dollar Bar in White Bay, where Blue Moon dominated the live webcam for 24 hours, and we took turns waving to our friends at home and toasting our Painkillers. 

Re-entry to the real world is always difficult after such a relaxing vacation, and the atmosphere surrounding STT departures makes it even more challenging. Even so, our stress was alleviated by the memories of a wonderful week aboard Blue Moon.

MAY 2015

Jack and Jaimey! 

Best vacation ever is the greatest understatement ever. It's difficult to have a terrible timein the most beautiful place in the world, on the coolest boat ever, but the two of you take everything to the next level. THnak you for EVERYTHING! Call if you're ever in Taxas! 

Jack and Jaimey - Another amazing trip aboard Blue Moon. No matter how beautiful the BVI's are, you both put the experience over the top! We could not imagine how the trip could be any better. Thanks you being a part of our vacaton and becoming terrific friends. WE cannot wait to come again! Please come see us!!! 

Kristin, Mark and Doreen

Where do we begin, this was the most AWESOME adventure. You're presence was fantastic. I loved the morning discussions with history of the BVI and where we were going and what we were going to do. The food was probably the best we've ever had on vacation. I found my new love ...DIVING! Thanks so much to the two of you for being patient with me. Thank you for everything!!! 

Jayne and Dee

Dear Captain Jack and Jaimey, thanks you for the most incredible adventure!! I don't think I will ever be able to put into words how fantastic this trip has been. It has surpassed all my expectations and the two of you are the main reason it has been such a joy to be on board Blue Moon. I can definitely say my check list of activities is complete...so thank you! Please keep in touch and if you are ever in NYC let me know!! Thanks again for everything and see you again soon!!!


June 2015

Blue Moon was the perfect catamaran for our group! It has lots of outdoor space with sun and shaded areas. Lin's favorite spot was on the bow reading a book in the bean bag chair! We loved the fly bridge day and night; whether watching Captain Jack & Jaimie sail or looking up at the stars! Lots of stable wide deck space to walk around with hand rails. The interior was light and airy as well as immaculate and decorated beautifully. The cabins were comfortable and spacious with lots of storage, and the heads were super clean and worked very efficiently. The linens were of high quality as well as the towels. The scuba equipment was up to date and clean. Overall Blue Moon is a gorgeous yacht and I could see why it won Best in Show! 

Jaimie's meals exceeded our expectations! We are all foodies and each meal Jaimie prepared was so delicious. A great variety of dishes were beautifully prepared and presented and we never went hungry! She is also a great bartender and made delicious cocktails! The wine selections were a pleasant surprise!

Captain Jack is an ace sailor! His background and credentials are impressive and we felt very comfortable in his abilities. We loved Jack's stories and our morning meetings of planning the day's activities and reviewing where we've been! He went above and beyond to make sure we were all having a great time. He is also an excellent scuba buddy! He has a great sense of humor and was a lot of fun. 

First Mate/Chef Jaimey is an absolute delight! She made sure we were always comfortable and always had a smile! She took great care in reading our food/beverage preferences and adhering to them. The galley was always clean and yet these home made delicious dishes meal after meal came out! I wondered if she had a magic wand! She certainly knows how to whip up a cocktail too! She's an impressive sailor and easy to have a conversation.

Jack & Jaimey make a great team and made us feel immediately at ease from the moment we met them. By the end of the trip we felt like we were leaving good friends! 

January 2015

Our group had a wonderful time on the Blue Moon catamaran! The boat was very comfortable and clean. The rooms were spacious and the walk-in showers were awesome!

The best part of the Blue Moon is the crew. We absolutely loved Captain Jack and Jaimey! They were so much fun and always made us feel comfortable. We were so spoiled with Jaimey's cooking. Even the picky eaters on our boat loved every meal. None of us ever even opened the snack cabinet. Being our fifth charter we thought we had seen and experienced everything the BVI had to offer. Boy, were we wrong! Jack and Jaimey were over the TOP!!! The food was incredible, even dangerous Dave was impressed! Best Ahi Tuna I have ever had! 

Jack is such an experienced Captain and was always eager to teach us about sailing. Thank you so much for letting us sail and drive the boat. You are an amazing sailing instructor Captain Jack. 

Jack and Jaimey were also very good about planning our itinerary and giving us great options. The trip was so memorable thanks to them. I would highly recommend this boat and especially this crew!

Mike, Joyce, Tim, Virginia, Peggy and Dave

New Year 2014/2015

Jaimey and Captain Jack are absolutely unparalleled hosts. They think of everything, and make you feel completely at ease. We had coordinated and emailed several times before the trip and spoken to Captain Jack once to firm up details about 3 weeks prior to our trip, and literally from the moment we arrived, we did not feel like guests at all. They showed us all around, and made sure we knew where things were and how to use them. They had snacks and drinks waiting, and options for us to choose from that first afternoon. By the time dinner was over that night we felt like they were on the vacation with us and wed known them for a long time. They do the beds and heads so discretely each day before you even realize they were ever missing. (Theyve already made your bed and cleaned your cabin.) Captain Jack is a wealth of information about the islands and historical details about the BVI. Each morning after breakfast he gets the map out, reviews where youve been and what that days options are, and then the group lets him know their preference for the days sail & destinations. Hes happy to involve you in the sailing activities if you wish to, or you can just relax and watch. Jaimey doubles as the 1st mate and chef, and while its hard to tell which one shes best at, youll truly be wowed by her galley skills. She doesnt miss a thing on your preference sheet, accommodates different diet types with ease, and prepares and presents each meal in a way that is simply out of this world. We actually ate ashore one evening, and while it was good, we all wished we'd stayed aboard Blue Moon for Jaimey's dInner! Captain Jack sets the table each day with fresh beautiful linens, followed by Jaimey describing that meals offering as it is served. Her dishes stimulate one taste bud after another as well as plated with stunning presentations and garnishes. Truly each meal was better than the next, and just as we thought she couldnt possibly top one she would! They are so Kodak-moment-like that you almost think they are too pretty to eat. (We always took a picture first though!) You are served breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack tray with happy hour, followed by dinner and dessert. Fresh baked cookies are made many days as well. She makes many of the breads herself and has become a master of local fresh provisioning. We had a pirate themed party one night complete with costumes. They pulled together costuming and joined us. Jaimey made a pirate themed dessert that night with cupcakes and decorations and pirate inspired drinks for us too.  
I really cannot say enough good things about Jack and Jaimey. We felt like family and were just as sad to leave them, personally as we were to leave the beautiful island destinations they showed us. They are game for anything, think of everything, have endless tips and recommendations, unmatched service and are the kindest and fun people we could have ever hoped would crew our vacation sail and become part of the family. There is absolutely no doubt we will be back, and the only choice for us is Blue Moon with Captain Jack and Jaimey. My only worry is that as word about them continues to travel, they may be already booked the week we decide to go.

March 2014

Thank you for the most wonderful experience and trip we have ever had! You both have a great trip it could be! It definitely worked! Jaimey, your cooking is fabulous and your desserts are amazing! Im not just saying that because I like dessert! You are very smart and great at finding things while snorkeling and super nice. You both are very flexible a what we want to do and the schedule. 
Jack, youre a great captain. You are also very funny! Youre very relaxed and go with flow. You also have great knowledge about the ocean and youre great at story telling. I leaned a lot from both of you this week. I cannot tell you how much fun I had and honestly, if I could I would stay. You both are so bright, nice, sweet, awesome, funny, smart and overall fabulous. Thank you, thank you thank you for making this trip the best trip ever! Ill miss you both so so so much and Blue Moon is AWESOME and lovely. It was wonderful you showed me SO many new things. Ill miss it all.THANK YOU!!!
Love Elle (Age 10)
P.S. I hope we get to see you guys soon!!!!!

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