About Captain Jack and Jaimey.....

Captain Jack and Jaimey are an energetic and fun loving couple that will make you feel relaxed and at ease. They are passionate about sailing and share a love for the Caribbean.  Captain Jack has intriguing historical stories about the Caribbean and Jaimey will guide you on snorkeling tours around the best reefs in the area. Jack is from the United States and Jaimey is from the cold north of Canada. Together, these two are a professional hard working team who are enjoying life to the fullest. Jack and Jaimey have been chartering in the Caribbean together for 9 years. They have chartered in The Grenadines, St Martin and The BVI's. Together they have also sailed over 15,000 nautical miles including an Atlantic crossing after picking up a brand new Lagoon 620 in France in 2016. They will be bringing Tellstar across the Atlantic from France in December 2018.

Captain Jack was born and raised in Maryland sailing the waters of the Chesapeake. He started sailing as a young boy with his father. He studied at the University of Maryland and served in the US Navy.  Jack has a bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland and was trained in the Navy's Nuclear Power Program were he served on Submarines. After leaving the Navy, Jack worked as a Nuclear Engineering consultant for 12 years during which time he obtained a Master's in Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University.  Jack built sea miles doing deliveries and passages throughout his years in the corporate world.  Finally, Jack decided to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a sea Captain and decided to go sailing. Jack single handed across the Atlantic and has completed many other crossings and long distance deliveries. Jack has also skippered numerous recreational vessels, including day sail vessels, dive boats, as well as working on tall ships. Jack is passionate about being on the water, but even more passionate about sailing. He has spent the past 10 years in the Caribbean working in the private yacht industry, running day charters and Captaining term charter vessels with up to 10 guests. Jack is a qualified Dive Master.  Jack has a contagious joy for life. If you truly are looking for a sailing vacation, that is exactly what you will get with Jack. He is happy when guests want to learn about sailing and he is always excited to teach his passion. 

First Mate and Chef Jaimey was born and raised in Canada. From the time she was born, she spent summers on the lakes around Ontario with her family. Jaimey has a Civil Engineering degree from McGill University in Quebec and worked in the Environmental Engineering field following university.  Jaimey's love for warmth and water brought her to the Caribbean 9 years ago where she learned to sail. Jaimey is the optimal chef and first mate. Her cuisine is full of flare and flavour and she always caters to the guests tastes. Jaimey loves to try new recipes and isn't afraid of a challenge in the galley. With Jaimey's love for sailing and the water she is also a great first mate. Jaimey loves to run, hike, explore, and exercise and will happily show you the islands from her perspective. Jaimey is also an experienced DiveMaster and loves to snorkel. Jaimey’s joyful spirit, warm smile and love for cooking wonderful food guarantees guests feel relaxed and at home on their vacation.

Jack and Jaimey will be accompanied by a third crew member in the role of deck/stew. Watch this space to learn more!

Captain Jack and Jaimey are the ultimate team. They all have a contagious joy for life and for creating unforgettable vacations that leave people feeling relaxed and filled with memories that will last a lifetime. 

"It's your week, you tell us where you want to go and we will make it happen!"

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BVI:284-346-6307  USA:443-606-5449